​ ​​The Truth About Wind Power​
Did you know? American wind power is:

Affordable. Its costs have declined by 66% in the past six years.

Homegrown. Wind is a drought-resistant cash crop for America’s family farmers and ranchers, using no water, and paying millions of dollars a year in lease payments and local taxes in the typical state.

Clean. U.S. wind power avoids the carbon pollution of 28 million cars.

​​​Learn how wind power is changing America and find answers to commonly asked questions by exploring The Truth About Wind Power. Experts at the American Wind Energy Association update this information every quarter.​

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Hear from Tim Hemphill, a farmer in Iowa, Andy Swapp, a teacher in Utah, and others about their first-hand experiences with wind power in their communities.​


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Power of Wind has a big goal: to enable America to obtain 35% of its electricity from wind by 2050. Meet Donna, and see what she and hundreds of thousands of others in our community are doing to help us achieve monumental victories in clean energy.​​
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H​omegrown American Wind Power
​American wind power is growing quickly, with enough wind turbine capacity now installed to supply over 19 million typical U.S. homes with low-cost electricity. Every state is home to a wind project and/or a wind energy-related manufacturing facility, and wind power supports 73,000 direct jobs across all 50 states. See what’s going on in your state:

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We’re already seeing it — wind energy has the power to create cleaner air, more jobs, and affordable energy for more Americans. But anti-wind groups want to drown out the truth and use misinformation to convince Congress to abandon smarter energy policies.

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